House made chips, shredded cheese, canario beans, quest, feta, diced tomatoes & onions, fresh jalapeños, Peruvian chicken, chipotle ranch, jalapeño tomatillo salsa


Flash fried & tossed in Sriracha honey lime vinaigrette, bacon, Parmesan cheese


Braised Short Ribs glazed with Korean BBQ marinade, Asian slaw, kimchi, chipotle mayo. Served in corn tortillas.


Seafood mix marinated in lime juice, sweet potatoes, avocados, cilantro, & Peruvian chilies. Accompanied by plantain chips, finely sliced onions, & Peruvian corn.


Saku AAA Grade tuna, green onions, avocados, roasted garlic, fried onions, jalapeños, Peruvian spiced ponzu & plantain chips.


Perfect sample of La Brasa’s famous ceviches. Shrimp Ceviche, Ceviche Mixto, & Tuna Ceviche.


Fresh made guacamole & quest blanco. Served with tortilla chips.


Deconstructed tamales with sautéed shrimp, smoked corn, leeks, candied bacon, feta, creamy garlic sauce.


Deconstructed tamales with pulled Peruvian chicken, prosciutto, shallots, jalapeños, aji verde cream sauce, Parmesan cheese.


Wok tossed with kosher salt, white pepper, scallions, & jalapeños.


2 corn smoked then grilled & topped with garlic butter, Chipotle mayo, cilantro, & Parmesan cheese. Served with a lime wedge.


Gochujang, sesame oil, sweet glaze, sesame seeds, & green onions.